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Every real estate agent knows a home which looks good is more likely to sell. Thats why model homes are shown the way they are shown; because a home that looks like someone lives there, but looks beautiful and well kept, will sell better than a vacant home or cluttered home.  At the very least its likely to sell more quickly and for more money. We all want to imagine ourselves living in a spotlessly clean and organized home, so it is crucial you set that stage for a potential home buyer.
Staging is a tricky art. The trick is to make a room look spacious by having minimal amounts of furniture, while still letting a prospective buyer know their furniture will fit in the room and look great too.  When staging your own home, its best to remove all personal stuff.  A buyer wants to know he or she can live there, and it that is hard to do when your knick knacks, trophies, and pictures clutter the house.  Remember to also remove anything that is breakable or valuable.  Move it out to the house to a place that is safe!

Staging a home can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to take your personal items down, if that is the case, consider hiring a stager.  Staging prices vary. A good real estate agent can also give you tips to help your home look its best!  Call me and let me help you know how to stage your property, or to give you some great stagers contact information in the area!
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